LoRaWAN module

Product details

LoRaWAN module with certifications and integrated antenna

The LoRaWAN module dnt-TRX-ST1 is characterized by the integrated antenna, which means that no further antenna tuning is necessary.

In addition, the module is CE, RED and LoRaWAN certified.

The module was engineered and developed in Germany and is produced in the company's own factory in China.

In cooperation with ELV Elektronik AG, the ELV module ecosystem is available, where the ELV-LW-Base experimental platform uses the LoRaWAN module dnt-TRX-ST1.

ELV module ecosystem

In cooperation with ELV Elektronik AG a development board named ELV-LW-Base was developed which uses the dnt-TRX-ST1 module.

Additional stackable application-modules for sensing temperature, humidity or getting GPS data are developed. Power-modules for energy harvesting or coin cells are soon available to provide the most suitable power source for prototyping purposes.

The ELV module ecosystem provides a quick, easy and cost-saving opportunity to prototype with the dnt-TRX-ST1 module and LoRaWAN.

Technical Data

Module code name dnt-TRX-ST1 
Size22 x 15 x 2,6 mm
Weight2 g
Single core 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4
Operating frequency: up to 48 MHz
Memory: 128 KB Flash, 48 KB SRAM
IO pins18  
Available serial interfacesSPI, I2C, LPUART, USART, ADC
RF frequencies options865 to 869.65 MHz
AntennaIntegral Lambda/4 monopole
Output power options+14 dBm (PA Output)
Sensitivity-135 dBm for LoRa® (BW 125 kHz, SF=12)
Power supply1.8 V to 3.6 V
Power consumption (3 V)
RX (MCU in Stop2): 5 mA
TX (MCU in Stop2 & 12 dBm EIRP): 29 mA
Stop2 Mode with RTC: 1 μA
Temperature range-20 to +70 °C

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